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MSDS Preparation

Dudak Parlatıcı

Safety data sheet (MSDS); In order to protect human health and the environment from the negative effects of harmful substances and mixtures, it is a document containing detailed information on the properties of harmful substances and mixtures and the safety measures to be taken in workplaces according to their harmful properties. It is a legal obligation to prepare the safety data sheets by persons certified by the certification body and to keep them in Turkish at the workplaces.

Safety Data Sheets are prepared on the basis of the “Regulation on Safety Data Sheets Regarding Harmful Substances and Mixtures” published in the Official Gazette dated 13 December 2014 and numbered 29204. During the preparation of the Safety Data Sheets, the classification is based on the “Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures” and its annexes published in the Official Gazette dated 11 December 2013 and numbered 28848 (Repeated), which was published largely in accordance with the European CLP regulation.

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Cosmet Group; It is your solution partner in preparing the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for your raw materials or ready-to-sale products in the fastest and most accurate way.

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